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EDObserve was produced after an Ofsted Monitoring visit in July 2019 for our sister company EDLounge which is a Work Based Learning Training Provider.

EDObserve is a central staff monitoring, evidence and monitoring platform for training, teaching and CPD delivery where any member of the Senior Leading Team or Inspector can stream live everything that’s going in a classroom, CPD delivery or apprenticeship teaching and mentoring. 

EDObserve helps all those involved in employer training, CPD and work based learning delivery as the platform can help you have one central record for:

  • Recording and monitoring
  • Delivery Observation
  • Sharing good practice
  • Teaching and delivery
  • Curriculum delivery
  • Skills, behaviour and knowledge recording and development
  • Teaching and learning
  • Employer engagement
  • Evidencing for on the job training
  • CPD training and evidence of knowledges
  • On the job teaching and delivery
  • Continous upskilling of staff

Watch Live Teaching

Your teaching and training staff’s delivery, methodology, approaches and planning can all be assessed to any set criteria or standard that has been created by the government, management or department.

You can have as many standards and criteria’s that have to be adhered to. Once completed these can be tagged and used to identify on a timeline the good, bad, positive, weak performances.

Classroom Delivery

This new innovative approach can show via the live streams and recorded session every aspect of classroom delivery and show the management areas of strengths and developments.

The platform enables good and bad tags to give highlight reels of best practice for ideas to create better approaches to certain individuals next time round.

Enhance Teaching Standard

Your Leadership team and middle leaders can use this software to dramatically increase the teaching and learning, classroom management, structure, planning, and behaviour control of your staff to what ever standard you and the staff are focused on.

This approach may seem radical but the positive is no one knows when and who is moderating, assessing and standardising the recorded or live streams of the classroom performances.

One To Ones

EDObserve enables staff and departments to use the tools to have test runs of certain delivery styles, adopt different teaching and classroom management.

EDObserve allows you to view progress over time to professionally develop from action points and highlight reels of evidence. Key incidents whether positive or not can be viewed instantly for review panels, CPD discussions and departmental reviews.

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