EDObserve exists because of a monitoring visit by Ofsted in July 2019 as we used the platform to evidence all our teaching, learning, training and understanding for our staff, teaching staff and learners.

EDObserve allows you now to be prepared for any inspection, review, training day or with any part of teaching, delivery, training or CPD (whatever you call it) to be targeted, evidence-based, collaborative, reflective, sustained and evaluated.

EDObserve was designed for training providers and businesses (like us) to enhance performance management and provide expert support alongside knowing that everything is centrally gathered and stored for that inspection so that you can:

  • Link observations to evaluations and delivery to Ofsted criteria, support plans or training policy.
  • Evidence the targets for staff that are linked to the improvement plan
  • Identified the personal areas for development for staff, trainer, teachers and managers that deliver the training.
  • Ensure all training and CPD has a sustained and stepped approach.
  • Manage and monitor CPD pathways for all training staff.
  • Extend professional practice through expert discussion groups and training.
  • Streamline performance management and ensure staff are regularly engaging with the process.
  • Allow those staff on a support plan share classroom observations with mentors or even outsource support plans and competency discussions with an education expert for an objective, external approach.

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