Watch live or recorded training, CPD and learning sessions to raise standards and gain evidence.

Your training, tutor and teaching staff’s delivery can be observed, monitored and evidenced using EDObserve for a range of aspects – but most importantly to evidence good practice, highlight the impact and show the positive destinations and outcomes. Any type of delivery, methodology, approaches and planning can all be assessed and evidenced to any set criteria or standard. 

Anything that needs to be evidenced for the government, management or department can be evidence. You can have as many standards and criteria that have to be adhered to and be tracked, recorded and monitored over time. By using EDObserve staff CPD and training can be now evidenced easily. EDObserve can be easily incorporated into any type of evidence needed. Once completed these can be tagged and used to identify and evidence on a timeline the good, bad, positive, and weak performances in:

  • Training and delivery
  • Staff progress
  • Staff development of behaviours, skills, and attitudes (especially for apprentices)
  • Knowledge and understanding of those being trained

These can be then evidenced and compared to STANDARDS and CRITERIAS set by:

  • Ofsted
  • Government
  • Examination boards
  • Authority
  • Trust
  • Department needs
  • or Professional review boards


These can be agreed in principle by staff, assessors and management so that best practice is driven for and outstanding teaching and progress is achieved. EDObserve will allow you to also evidence:

  • A career framework for staff via a universal training approach.
  • That training modules cover certain minimum requirements for knowledge and training.
  • A strong emphasis on mentoring and expert professional support to help raise standards in staff CPD.
  • A positive training climate
  • Effectiveness and progress and achievement
  • Motivation and attitudes to learning
  • Build a positive and respectful staff culture



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