The EDObserve assessment and observation portal allows management to identify and improve standards across the business.

You can view remotely a range of staffs delivery from your own login. You can stream live everything that’s going on every classroom, training room or view recorded sessions where and analysis and evaluation can take place. EDObserve can help support: 

  • facilitating the sharing of good practice for specific groups of staff and trainers.
  • allowing managers and staff to track individual staff or learners.
  • enabling staff to reflect upon practices with specific groups and monitor the effectiveness of differentiation.
  • guiding trainers, tutors and teachers on how to support in all aspects.
  • allow cross fertilisation of ideas and good practice within departments and faculties


With EDObserve you can also:

  • set whole staff and individual targets
  • bring tutors and teachers, departments and leaders together remotely for training
  • have a central and standard form for training all staff so every one receives the same training
  • include experts or staff within training or discussion groups
  • share good practice across the training provision
  • create a bespoke CPD package tailored to individuals, department or a group of staff

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