Assisting leaders to support CPD coaching and mentoring to raise standards, delivery and outcomes for your staff

We believe that CPD is most effective in improving your business and training of staff when it is targeted, evidence-based, collaborative, reflective, sustained and evaluated.

EDObserve is a unique and inspirational platform designed not only to revolutionise CPD for training providers, work-based learning centres, apprenticeship provision and businesses. But, also training departments and recruitment teams / managers.

EDObserve streamlines performance management and provides expert support as we put raising CPD and training at the heart of business and staff improvement. We believe in supporting all trainers and assessors wherever they are on their journey. EDObserve allows teachers / tutors / trainers and assessors to video, pause and edit their practice, link it to CPD and targets, and share ideas within their training department or remotely with other professionals. We believe this will empower them to take charge of their teaching, training and delivery journey to improve their practice and inspire others.


With EDObserve all leaders can support CPD coaching and mentoring through:

  • Revolutionising self-evaluation and peer evaluation. EDObserve provides transparency through allowing teachers and trainers to record their lessons and match practice to criteria relevant to their learning.
  • Empowering teachers to take control of their professional practice by choosing lessons to download, or groups to observe and working through assignments at their own pace.
  • Providing evidence of teachers’ own practice for refection and self-evaluation and allowing teachers to reflect upon that practice either alone, with mentors or peers.
  • Providing content and activities dedicated to helping teachers understand how pupils learn, both generally and in specific subject areas.
  • Giving teachers room for professional discretion and providing repeated opportunities to understand, practice and reflect upon new learning and methodology.
  • Providing experts to support understanding of the practices being advocated.
  • Ensuring evidence is uploaded and performance management conversations are streamlined onto one platform.
  • Targeting staff development through CPD coaching on a whole business, skill, department or provision level.
  • Create targets for staff that are linked to training and the business needs and priorities.
  • Address staff needs to enhance business outputs and outcomes so improvement to productivity can be planned or identified as personal areas for staff training and development.
  • Create a culture of self and peer-reflection within your staff and training sessions.
  • Ensure CPD has a sustained and stepped approach that can be evidenced, monitored and reviewed.
  • Manage and monitor CPD pathways for all staff.
  • Facilitate evidence-based evaluation both internally and externally via business, training and product experts.
  • Have peace of mind that the programme is secure and all safeguarding requirements are met.
  • Extend professional practice through expert discussion groups and training.
  • Streamline performance management and ensure staff are regularly engaging with the process.


EDObserve can be tailored to match any training procedure, policy or procedure for any inspection or evidence-based reviews with personalised:

  • targets
  • action plans
  • feedback
  • assessment
  • destination and output targets
  • training and career development steps for the next review/inspection

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