Evidence knowledge gained and skill development of your staff to incorporate it in your training and CPD delivery.

By incorporating the EDObserve software it can help:

  • Evidence training and CPD impact on staff
  • Improve and raise standards in gaining evidence of skills, behaviours and knowledge
  • Identify variations in skill development over time
  • Share good practice to show how different strategies improve behaviours, skills and knowledge
  • Identify key behaviours, skills and performances by staff and apprentices
  • New staff / starters¬†adapt to new strategies
  • Teachers, assessors and tutors to evidence good practice for future use to save time, budget and create a standardised delivery process


We understand that high expectations and a positive climate characterised by respectful interactions are two strongly supported elements of educational effectiveness and essential for positive staff progress and achievement.

With EDObserve you can:

  • Ensure that clear routines and behaviour, skills and knowledge expectations are consistently and fairly applied in line with training and staff CPD policies
  • Coach and mentor staff with contextually relevant evidence
  • Track individual staff progress and professional development
  • Monitor pupil motivation and attitudes to learning
  • Build a positive and respectful CPD and training culture

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